100th Day of School!

We had a blast at the end of the day celebrating the 100th day of school with our 2nd-grade buddies in Ms. Oliveira’s class. Each student had a book of challenges and completed different tasks that involved probability, estimation, writing, measurement, and other skills.


Students worked in groups using craft materials to design and make a plant that could survive in the Arctic. Students needed to consider their plant’s access to water and air and its ability to withstand the region’s harsh conditions.

Busy Friday in 5th!

Started our day by leading the school in a community read during which 5th graders did an awesome job reading to students in the younger grades. Followed lunch with a few minutes of guided dance on Go Noodle and then settled into Science to test different substances for solubility. 

Field Trip Today

Despite the wet weather, the 5th graders were eager to visit their local library and participated in a scavenger hunt that showed them all the wonderful resources the library has to offer. Did you know that you could check out the library’s telescope, use their 3D printer, or learn a new language through their website?